My Editing CV

My introductory offer is $25 AUD to edit your first 2,500 words. That gives me a chance to gauge the depth of editing your work might need, and you a chance to see if you think my editing style will benefit your work.

To discuss your editing/proofreading/indexing needs contact me @

Editing Experience:

  • Edited Heartlines a collection of writings/observations of a medical intern in the hospital system. October-November 2017
  • Edited scientific text: On Unification: the writings of Professor Sakhawat Hossain, supervised publication for Shapla Books, October 2016- October 2o17
  • Edited initial 5000 words of a fiction manuscript prior to submission in literary competition. August, 2017′
  • Edited workplace handbook June, 2017
  • Edited thesis: Exploration of Identity Formation during pregnancy and first time motherhood. (multiple drafts) May-September 2017
  • Edited Matters Arising from the Identification of the Body novella by Simon Petrie. Peggy Bright Books, December 2016-May 2017
  • Partial edit, book on  amending the second draft of Tort Liability Law in China  April-Mat, 2017  (client defaulted on payment) 
  • Proof-read Giant Steps book, April 2017
  • Edited I Want My Rib Back non-fiction book on feminism, May-January 2016-17
  • Edited Psychology Essay, Dec 2016
  • Edited Research Proposal on identity changes in women on becoming mothers, Oct 2016
  • Edited The Chocolatier’s Ghost, novel by Cindy Lynn Spears, Dragonwell Publishing, August-December 2016
  • Edited essay on schizophrenia, November, 2016
  • Transcribed hand-written diary  April-December, 2016
  • Edited Reflective Essay on Group Therapy, August 2016
  • Edited essay on The Benefits of Teaching and Speaking English in the United Arab Emirates
  •  Edited 5 science fiction short stories February- August, 2016.
  • Edited SF Novella, Matters Arising from the Identification of the Body by Simon Petrie, 2016
  • Edited historical novel, The Other Bennets, May-September 2016.
  • Edited text for ‘The Tame Animals of Saturn’ by Adam Browne, Peggy Bright Books, November 2015-January 2016.
  • Edited first draft general novel (working title ‘Taken Home’) August-December 2015
  • Revised third drafts various chapters historical novel I’d previously edited. July-November, 2015.
  • Edited 4 essays on the Inner Child and Spirituality, October-November 2015.
  • Edited thesis on Corporate Governance and Carbon Performance and Carbon Disclosure: Australian Experience. July/August 2015. University of Western Sydney.
  •  Edited thesis on how Aesthetics may influence the purchase of mobile phones, June, 2015. University of Western Sydney
  •  Transcribed 6 filmed interviews (various lengths) into script format April- June 2015
  •  Edited undergraduate assignment, March 2015.
  •  Edited law thesis on Phoenix companies (17k), October 2014.
  •  Reviewed and reported on web-site for on-line booking app. Also wrote several promotional scripts for September-October, 2014.
  •  Researched, compared, reviewed and reported on several similar web-sites regarding detox clinics and wrote several web-page proposals for Byron Clinic. June-August, 2014.
  •  Edited Difficult Second Album anthology by Simon Petrie, Peggy Bright Books, August-September, 2014.
  •  Copy-edited a spec-fic manuscript (approx 100k) for Dragonewell Publishing, July-August, 2014.
  •  co-edited (with Simon Petrie) SF novel manuscript (50k approx) June-August, 2014.
  •  Ashammet: Desert Prince (working title) (128 k) by Terry Jackman, Dragonwell Publishing. Provided structural and copy editing February-July, 2014.
  •  Edited part of undergraduate assignment on transferring information to different web platforms to increase their profile, July 2014.
  •  Wrote proposed content for newly developed appointment-booking software web-site, June 2014.
  •  Researched, analysed and reported on web-sites for appointment-booking software apps, June 2014.
  •  Use Only As Directed, speculative fiction anthology, co-edited with Simon Petrie, published by Peggy Bright Books, June, 2014.
  •  Completed copy editing revised sections of historical novel revision.. (133k) June 2014.
  •  Edited two academic papers, April, 2014* Proof-reading issues 59 & 60 Andromeda Spaceways Inflight magazine. April/May, 2014
  •  Edited two academic papers, April, 2014
  •  Completed structural edit, historic novel, February 2014.
  •  Edited three SF short stories, February, 2014.
  •  Completed structural edit on fantasy novel, Dragonwell Press, December, 2013.
  • Edited short SF story. November, 2013.
  •  Completed editing and copy editing revision of “Lex Talionis”  SF novel by R.S. Garcia, Dragonwell Press, September 2013. (Publishers Weekly starred review available here:
  • Completed editing article submission for academic journal, August 2013.Edited 4 undergraduate assignment papers on connecting with the Inner Child and spirituality. October/November, 2015.
  •  Completed editing application for mentorship program, August 2013.
  •  Completed copy-editing “Breeding Barefoot Bookworms” (YA novel) by Serrie Kamara, July, 2013.
  •  Completed editing Andromeda Spaceways Inflight magazine, issue 58, June. 2013
  •  Edited thesis, undergraduate assignments, academic article, funding proposal and  CV May, 2013.
  •  Beta-read “Legacy of Scars” by Dave Luckett (fantasy novel) May-June, 2013
  •  Edited academic article, undergraduate assignment and thesis proposal, April, 2013.
  •  Edited novel, “Mistress of the Solstice” by Anna Kashina (for Dragonwell Press, USA) February-March, 2013.
  •  Copy edited Thesis : The Context of a case study of multiple-stakeholder collaboration,  March, 2013.
  •  Academic editing: partial thesis, 3 undergrad assignments. January, 2013.
  • Short fiction by Simon Petrie, January 2013
  •  Short fiction by Simon Petrie, December 2012.
  •  Academic editing. 1 article critque 1000 words.
  •  Edited 12k word novel excerpt, Äcquainted With the Night”  by David Sweeney, published in “Dandelions and Helicopters” anthology, December 2012.
  •  Proof-read YA novel “Ghost Hand” by Ripley Patton, November 2012.
  •  Structural edit, 3 chapters of “The House Husband’s Handbook” by Peter Willems November 2012.
  •  one research assignment proposal for university student, October 2012.
  •  Two undergraduate assignments for university students, October, 2012
  •  Short fiction by Rob Porteous, September-October, 2012.
  •  Flight 404/ The Hunt for Red Leicester, a double-header 2 novella set by Simon Petrie, Peggy Bright Books, 2012.
  •  Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear, an anthology of spec fiction co-edited with Simon Petrie. Peggy Bright Books, 2012.
  •  Never Too Young To Make a Difference. Children’s novel by Dr Serrie Kamara,  2012. (Published as “Breeding Barefoot Bookworms”, 2013)
  •  Rare Unsigned Copy: Tales of Rocketry, Ineptitude and Giant Mutant vegetables. A collection of work by Simon Petrie, Peggy Bright Books, 2010.
  •  Editor of issues 12, 24, 33, 42 Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.
  •  Subeditor and proofreader, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (2002 – )
  •  Editor (with Ted Scribner) of The Australian Sf Bullsheet, 2002 -2010

I am also a writer with over 30 years experience who has had fiction, reviews and articles published in magazines and anthologies including: Aurealis, Antipodean Sf, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Grassroots, Strange Pleasures, Under the Rose and Magpies, among others.

My humorous urban/rural fantasy novel, The Back of the Back of Beyond, published by Peggy Bright Books, 2013. (

My YA SF novel, The Whale’s Tale, was published by Peggy Bright Books, 2009. (  


Other Interests: I have a layman’s knowledge of dolphins and whales, horses and donkeys, slip-poured ceramics and silk painting, tapestry and cross-stitch, gardening.

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