Diploma of Book Editing and Publishing

I received my Diploma of Book Editing and Publishing from Macleay College in 2012, receiving a pass in On-screen editing of manuscripts, a credit for Editing manuscripts, a credit for Book design, a distinction for Publishing management and production process, and a high distinction for Book indexing.

I am also a member of IPED (Institute of Professional Editors), NSW Branch.


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5 Responses to Diploma of Book Editing and Publishing

  1. congrats! I am tempted, once I’ve finished the PhD, to go into something along these lines. How much work was involved?

    • edwinaharvey says:

      More work than I was expecting! (Though it’s been a while since I did any formal study). I really enjoyed being in a class envirnment where I could interact with other students. And I think our class were a great group. I was also stimulated by the teachers and guest speakers they got in, so while I found it heavy going, I also lapped it up and loved the learning. Keira, you’d breeze through, I’m sure!

  2. Angel says:

    Congratulations !
    I am convinced that you have done diploma inbook editing and publishing. I am also planning to do this diploma.

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