It takes TIME.

Dear Potential Client, (especially those needing academic editing),

As a fellow writer, I realise that feeling of accomplishment you get when your major work. be it story, novel of thesis, is finally (almost) finished.

You’ve worked on it for months, or maybe even years. Possibly it’s dominated your life, especially if it’s a major academic work with a specific deadline.

I appreciate you’ve spent a lot of time writing your work, and you want it to look its very best. And as your (potential) editor, that’s what I want too. But it takes *me* time to read and re-read your work, understand it and make considered comments on how you might be able to  improve it.

Please keep that in mind, and try to allow for it when selecting me, or any other editor to edit your work.

Thank you.

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One Response to It takes TIME.

  1. edgarcrider says:

    It is interesting to hear from the editors perspective what they have to go through. Writers tend to think about the end result not just the process.

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