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I would like to thank Editor Edwina Harvey for her invaluable work that she is doing in  editing my Essays for my Masters degree during the past 2 years. She is not only correcting grammatical spelling or making the document read fluently. She catches the meaning of my ideas and she gives me choices if she is in doubt. I am very happy to work with her, she is a professional and a person with an abundant knowledge.

A satisfied customer


www. dragonwellpublishing. com

To whom it may concern:

I am glad to write this letter as an enthusiastic reference to Ms. Edwina Harvey in her capacity as a freelance editor.

We have been employing Edwina Harvey as a lead editor for Dragonwell Publishing during the past 2 years.In this capacity Ms. Harvey has edited a number of our manuscripts and we hope she will continue working with us for the years to come.

Ms. Harvey is an outstanding editor, exceptional both in the quality of her work and in being reliable and dependable, able to keep the schedule and meet deadlines if needed. She is an insightful and intuitive editor who can work with an author to engender their confidence and help them produce a clearer, more readable work of fiction. She is able to see the best in each work and is flexible and open-minded in her approaches to making this best stand out and shine in the finished book. Her abilities as an editor and her professional qualities have made her an important asset to our publishing house. We consider it a joy and privilege to work with her.

We would gladly recommend her to any author or publisher looking for an editor to help them enhance their work.


Dawei Dong.


Dragonwell Publishing


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