Reading, Writing and Editing fees

When I’m buying something in a shop, market, or on the internet, one of the first things I want to know is “How much is it?”. If I can’t  easily see a price, I might put the item down and walk away.

For items that I’ve made – my ceramics and silks – I’m happy to display the prices up front. But they’re *finished* projects. I know them intimately, what went into their making – maybe this one took a lot longer to make than that one, maybe I wasn’t as happy with the way this one came out, but that one came out  *just* how I imagined it and is a better piece. I’m happy to tell you the price, and why, and often even willing to haggle.  But we’re talking about a *finished* project.  With writing or editing work, the journey’s only just begun.

When you’re asked to give a quote on editing or writing, you’re trying to see into the future (while hoping your client doesn’t notice you squinting into your crystal ball!), that’s why I have my special introductory offer: I will edit 2500 of your words for (AUD) $25. This gives me the chance to get a feel for your writing style and also  gives you the chance to see if you think I’m the right editor for your work. Similarly, if you want me to write a report, help you word your web-page or ghost write your life’s story, it’s an affordable way to see if you think we’ll get along.

Finding the right writer or editor is like any partnership. If we “click” and get along, together we can work magic.

Other things to consider:

“But I just want you to read it.” While I’m happy to read and comment on any work I’m sent, if it’s not something I’m reading for my own pleasure only, if it’s not something I bought in a bookshop, if it’s using my time when I could be doing something else, then it’s work, and as such I have the right to be paid for it. My reading fees can be flexible and catered to suit your needs. Please contact me if you want to discuss them.

“But I’m not from around here.” That’s okay. The internet has shrunk the world. I’ve had clients from all over Australia, America, the Bahamas, England, Malaysia and China. I can take payment via direct bank deposit or Paypal,  if that suits. And yes, while I had the fantasy that editing would have a lot more meeting for coffee in it, you know we’d only end up gossiping and eating cake when we were meant to be working. : – )


My prices usually range from 1 to 4 cents a word. If you don’t have a firm (or impossibly short)  deadline I’m expected to meet, I often reciprocate by lowering my prices.

For any work longer than 10,000 words, I may require a deposit before commencing your work, this could be as much as 50% of the quoted price of the completed work. 

If it better suits you,  a “Pay As You Go” instalment plan can often be arranged, paying on a chapter-by-chapter basis, for instance, rather than getting one large bill at the end of the project.

Perhaps you have a set amount to spend on an editing/writing project? Let me know what it is, and I’ll let you know if I can do all or some of the work for that price. I’m sorry I can’t give you a hard and firm price on this page, but it’s creativity we’re dealing in – much harder to price than a tin of beans, don’t you reckon? : – )




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